Soup of the day
Served with crusty bread

Cheese & Bacon Potato Skins
Served with sweet chilli and mayo dips

With cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacomole
Add Chilli for extra £1.50

Vegetable Spring rolls
Bean sprout, carrot, beans & potato, flavoured with
ginger & spices 

Chicken Goujons
Southern fried chicken goujons served with salad

£3.99 each or 3 for £10

Light Bites
Jacket Potato
Choose from Cheese, Ham, Beans, Tuna, Chilli, Tuna melt.
All served with salad

Choose from Cheese, Cheese & Ham, Cheese & Tuna, Cheese & Onion
All served with Chips and Salad

Grilled Holloumi and sweet chilli wrap
Served with Chips or Salad

Southen Fried Chicken and mayo wrap
Served with Chips or Salad

Choose from Chicken Fajiatas or chilli tacos served with cheese, salad, salsa and nachos
For 1 £8.99

Southern fried goujons with onion rings, breaded mushrooms, ribs, wedges and garlic bread

Sunday Lunch

Traditional Sunday lunch.
A choice of 3 meats served with roast potatoes, new potatoes
and a selection on fresh vegetables.

Standard - £6.99
​Large - £8.99


Beef or Vegetable lasagne served with garlic bread, chips and salad

Battered Cod
Served with chips, garden or mushy peas and tartare sauce
Small £5.99
Large £9.99 

BBQ Ribs
Served with Chips, Corn on the cob and onion rings
Full rack £10.99

Trio of Sausage
Pork, Cumberland and Pork & Leek, Served with Chips or Mash and peas

1/4 lb beef burger £6.99
Breaded Chicken Burger £6.99
Veggie burger £6.99
Pulled Pork Burger £8.99
Loaded Burger £9.99
All burgers served in a bun with chips and salad

Steak & Ale or Chicken & Ham Pie
Served with mash and seasonal vegetables.

Chicken Stack
Grilled chicken breast topped with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and 
southern fried goujons, with chips and buttered corn on the cob

Chicken & Rib Combo
      Chicken brest and half a rack of ribs, Served with chips, corn on a cob and onion rings

Chicken or Vegetable curry, Served with rice and naan bread

Ham & Eggs
Homecooked Ham, Served with Egg, chips and peas

Wholetail Scampi, Served with Chips, Garden or Mushy peas and Tartare Sauce

Chilli Con Carne
A Rich sauce inspired by south american cuisien, Served with rice and nachos

fried breakfast
                                                  Chips £2.49                                                       
                                      Cheesy Chips £2.99
                              Chips and Curry sauce £3.49
                                         Onion Rings £2.99
                                         Garlic Bread £2.99
                                            Side salad £2.99

                Selection of Vegetables £2.99
                                 Wedges £2.99
                                    Cheese .80p
                                   Bacon £1.20
                     Sweet Chilli Bread £3.49
Fish and chips

Our famous Black rock grill is also available, please see menu below...

Welcome to a new dining experiance! Our unique system allows you to cook your meal just the way you like it at your table. So much fun it'll have you coming back for more!

8oz Rump Steak
 Surf and Turf  8oz Rump with 4 King Prawns 
 Meat 8oz Rump, 2 x Sausage, Half Rack of Ribs, Chicken Breast
 4oz Halloumi   (V)
 King Prawns

All served with Chips, Salad, Mushrooms, Totato and Onion Rings

 Alternatives to Salad
 Corn on the Cob or Mixed vegtables Extra £1.00
 Alternatives to Chips
 Jkt Potato, mash, wedges or Rice            Extra £1.00
 BBQ Glaze, JD Honey Glaze, Sweet Chilli, Salsa             £1.00 each
 Garlic/Coriander, Garlic/Mixed Herbs, Garlic/Rosemary, Cajun, Paprika/Chilli, Chinese Five Spice

For advanced bookings please use the options on
'contact us' page...