The Dick Whittington was built in the 13th Century and named Saint Nicholas' House. The more modern Georgian frontage was added to the existing building between 1780-1880.

Saint Nicholas' House was the home of The Whittington Family whose nephew Dick became Mayor of London.
The downstairs of Saint Nicholas' House, now The Black Cat Bar, formerley held a self contained well furthermore, historic records show that when the plague hit Gloucester, The Mayor invited all the dignataries to dinner knowing his serving wench was infected with plague.
The following day he was sealed in the building with the serving lady to die.

In 1574 Queen Elizabeth the First, visited Gloucester and slept in the house in the far bedroom. The whole house was decorated for her visit.
Paintings which adorned the walls during her stay can be seen in the room in which she slept which is now the Manager's Lounge.
During Gloucester's Heritage Open Days the public are able to view the paintings.